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    Your portfolio is your creative calling card: craft it cleverly and it has the power to catapult your career to the next level. But what should go in?. Portfolio Handbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 8 COMPUTER ARTS PRESENTS: THE PORTFOLIO HANDBOOK Even if. First Peoples' Arts Outreach – Arts Portfolio Handbook. Page 2 of 19 . collective, it is important to have a computer copy of your arts portfolio available for regular updates. We also . booklet and save it in PDF format. This will ensure that you.

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    Computer Arts Portfolio Handbook Pdf

    portfolios. It will not cover project processes, but will act as a guide to documenting a project .. fine arts, photography, or character design, to the back of . then step back from the computer and settle down with your wild ideas. And. Curlz?. computer arts presents: The Portfolio handbook. 06 Golden Rules. 08 10 12 14 15 16 uild a better folio B Six classic portfolio pitfalls. COMPUTER ARTS PRESENTS: THE SELF-PROMO HANDBOOK Portfolio sites to have a presence on. 25 and stunning portfolio alone are no longer.

    Golden rules Effective digital folios Impress in print Craft a killer showreel Student advice Get your work seen. Welcome Your portfolio has the power to catapult your creative career to the next level. Skillful self-marketing Build a promo campaign Chapter summary. Alex Donne Johnson Ensure your reel is seen Chapter summary. Get your foot in the door How to win your first job Case study:

    Resist the temptation to over-embellish. Whether online or real world. However creative you are. Creating great work is the only way you can achieve this. Start with a bang and end on a high. As with professional folios. How you have perfected a technique? How you have finessed and fine-tuned it?

    There are others with more experience than you have right now. Make it clear. Use sustainable materials for your portfolio and demonstrate you care. Photograph your plus-size projects and show them too. We will see your potential. COM Mucho is a global visual communications and graphic design studio that specialises in strong ideas. For Mucho partner Tilman Sole. If you want to show animations or other stuff that is hard to show on paper.

    The agency boasts a powerful portfolio of work for a plethora of clients. In the end we will be doing a lot of hours together. Have a strong beginning. Stick to your best stuff. So how do you ensure it gets under the noses of the right people? From making the most of Behance and promoting your projects across multiple social networks to influencer marketing. Stand out online A cracking portfolio is all very well.

    After all. Read on to discover how. Stick to posting links. Submit your design for inclusion in CSS galleries. Creating a bespoke background for your Twitter feed is another simple. Use a ping tool to tell search engines about any URLs you create.

    There are plenty of free options. Aim to engage with established voices who have influence over your peers or prospective clients. Pingler www. Presentation should be clean.

    Check the guidelines for details of what to send and how. We usually have a list of dream clients and focus on the top five. This initiative is really key. Send rebounds.

    Like shots. Leave comments. Social media and you When used strategically. Post inspiring links. Can you say something in a clever way?

    Maybe you could use a series of posts along with images to create a narrative. Use your avatar or profile image. When you post. This is also the ideal place to include a link to your online portfolio. Humour is good. It will pass. What bothers people most about social media? It might just be all the negativity. Craft the impression your social media accounts give so that they chime with your overall creative style. If you receive constructive criticism. It happens all the time on social media.

    And remember. We recommend keeping all business-related communication to private channels. Some simple tweaks can make all the difference here. Track that into site numbers and client leads.

    The way you structure your site and its content helps Google determine what it thinks your site is all about.

    Go niche and specific. Think about and answer this question before you start tinkering — try to focus on purpose and function rather than aesthetics. Time to redesign? If you can. Repurpose wherever possible.

    Sometimes a more subtle approach is needed. What do you need to improve on your site.

    Portfolio nights offer young creatives a good opportunity to get out of their bubble and have a sense check. In two seconds. COM One great way to get your portfolio in front of the people who count is by attending an accredited creative portfolio event.

    So what do potential employers want to see in a portfolio? The explanation of the work is as important as the work itself. It forces both parties to get to the point. I love the rapid-fire. Your amazing first impression could be scuppered by bad grammar. Build consistency across your identity from your logo through to your type choices and colour schemes. Make sure your strengths come through in your campaign and that people remember them. A week is often a good time to leave it.

    Get known. Their thinking is simple: When the call comes in asking you for an interview or informal meeting.

    Layers Magazine - Graphic Design Magazine | JUST™ Creative

    Even freelancer designers and illustrators occasionally need to explain their work in order to win new briefs. If presenting fills you with dread. Here are some key pointers for success. If they focus on branding and corporate identity.

    Run through what you want to say a couple of times. Can you tell a story. Something along the lines of: Tell the interviewers what you enjoyed about the projects you worked on as much as why you like the final outcome.

    Learn about their clients and portfolio. Look them in the eye. The interviewer might be prompting you towards how the work is relevant. They may or may not get back to you. Whatever it is. Use the opportunity to show genuine interest in what they do — who did they work with on a given project.

    Computer Arts presents:

    They have to amend work they love. Your interviewer might ask. Often interviewers conclude with. Build is a small studio. Place concludes. Opening doors Build founder Michael C.

    It has to either turn my head. In other words: Select the work that helps tell the story you want to tell to that particular employer. Sharing success will show you in a good light. A dozen items. At the close of the interview. Briefly explain the background behind each piece before revealing it. It will support your portfolio.

    Remember that. Say why the piece worked and why you like it. Rehearse out loud. AIGA www. COM www. Print and digital editions are available: Special thanks to Future produces high-quality multimedia products which reach our audiences online, on mobile and in print.

    Portfolio Handbook

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    Portfolio Handbook Uploaded by LaraMendes. A cleverly compiled folio will showcase the breadth of your skills, delivering impact, information and standout design, while also influencing your future creative direction. So how do you transform a quick browse of your folio into a paying commission or dream new job? Flag for inappropriate content.

    Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To Portfolio Handbook. Julio Castro. Luiz Pimentel. Tangri La PRopagands.

    La'Quan Saxton. Bugambilo Sol. Rute Lopes. Omar Camarena. Hugo Gabriel Saraiva Miranda. Iron Irons. Monu Narwar. Radu Cristian Dimitrie. Paula Rosal Sittler. Popular in Software. Ardi Struga. Oscar Ortega Sandoval.

    Mallikarjuna Reddy Pallaki. Yuth Yuthdanai. Kalyan Kumar Sarkar. Matheus Matheus. Asha Rani C K. Mihai Ispir. Wiyono Edi. Richard Sanchez Campos. Skillful self-marketing Build a promo campaign Chapter summary. Anna Swift Ensure your reel is seen Chapter summary. But what should go in it? This following chapter is packed with advice on how to get the attention of potential employers. Special thanks to Julia Sagar Editor julia.

    Advertising Charlie Said Ad sales director charlie. Marketing Philippa Newman Group marketing manager philippa. Future produces high-quality multimedia products which reach our audiences online, on mobile and in print. And how can you ensure more of the right people see your work? This special issue from the makers of Computer Arts explains how to transform a quick browse of your design portfolio into your dream job or a paying commission.

    And it's on sale now. Inside The Portfolio Handbook Golden rules Chapter one delivers portfolio strategy — the golden rules you need to know to compile the perfect design portfolio every time, whether your folio is digital or physical.

    Effective digital folios Work your digital portfolio harder and stand out online with the expert advice found in chapter two, including: Student advice Stand out from the ocean of other graduates with a smashing first portfolio — this chapter brings you everything you need to know to transform all those hours of study into employment.

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